Saturday, November 5, 2016

Follow Up Meeting of New Tutors

How inspiring to hear our new tutors relate their initial experiences with their ESL students. The tutor/student matching process seems to have been very effective for those who attended the November 5 meeting following the September/October Tutor Workshop.

Questions included when and how to correct the student's pronunciation without inhibiting the flow of conversation. Also, how to find books that are at the right reading level and can engage an adult reader.
Ed, Kris, and Holly

The trainers had some good input for the questions that came up.  Regarding reading materials for a student who reads at an elementary level, Holly recommended children's books that include cd's with the text, so the student can listen as well as read. For her student she checked out two copies of the same book/cd from the public library, so she could also listen to what her student was working on.

One tutor has a student who reads English pretty well, but needs practice hearing and speaking. The student has related some very interesting things about her native country of Russia.  Kris suggested that maybe this student could write a brief account and read it to us as a guest at a future tutor Get Together. Reading would be less intimidating than giving a speech and would give her a reason to practice her spoken English.  Good ideas coming to light.