Sunday, November 3, 2019


A stellar group of new tutors attended the October workshop. Here are all the participants in the 2-day orientation, including the organizers. Hail to new tutors Carol, Elliot, Trudy, Joanne, Kay, Pamela, and Marcia! 

     Thank you to Mary Yonekawa for her crisp photography.

Our organization is currently searching for candidates to fill these volunteer positions:

Basic bookkeeping. The time commitment is less than 10 hours a month (maybe 8-9 hours a month average), including attending the monthly Board meeting.
            Disburse funds as directed by the Board (monthly phone bill, occasional reimbursements)
            Prepare financial statements that are needed for required reports (monthly)
            Keep and maintain accounts of the organization’s properties and business transactions
            Receive/deposit annual dues received from members (about 70-90 at beginning of year)
            Maintain records of paid members

Student/Tutor Coordinator assigns students from waiting list to new tutors and to tutors who are ready for a new student. Time commitment averages a couple of hours per month, except for the critical time in February or March between the two workshop sessions and again a week in the fall between workshop sessions. That is when matching is done for new tutors joining us.

Telephone Committee Coordinator responsible for setting the schedule every quarter and to e-mail it the members of the committee (currently only two), take questions from committee members, and report to Board as requested.  With three committee members including the coordinator, each member has a 1/2 month shift to pick up the calls remotely from voicemail and respond to them.  Then they have one month off before taking a turn again. Time commitment minimal.

Workshop Registrar. Primary responsibility is to communicate information to people enrolling in our workshop and track who will be attending. Time commitment 5 hours per month average including attending Board meeting. Busiest times twice a year prior to our workshops.

Workshop Trainer at our workshops twice a year to present 6 or 7 units of the workshop.We have thorough documentation of what to present.

Board Member participate in monthly board meetings lasting 60-90 minutes on the second Thursday at 10:00 am.  Time commitment 2 hours a month.